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About Us

About Us

Hey there, welcome to Wagsly – where we're all about keeping your best friend feeling fantastic! We started this adventure because, honestly, finding quality supplements for our dogs was way trickier than it should be.

Our number one mission? Boosting and building upon your dog's health and happiness. No compromises.

All of our supplements are proudly made in the USA, within a facility that holds certifications for certified current Good Manufacturing Practices, under strict Quality Control.  We do our absolute best to ensure we are meeting all the high standards you'd expect. And you know what? We're sticklers for honesty. That's why we test our products against label claims, making sure what's on the label is what's inside. No funny business.

Our formulas are made with the vet community, and we only roll with active ingredients that passed the vetting process and are FDA registered. We're all about transparency, trust, and tail-wagging goodness.

But let's talk flavor – we get it, your pup's gotta love it too. So, we put our products through third-party palatability testing. It's a fancy way of saying we make sure your dog thinks our supplements are as tasty as they are beneficial.

So, if you're looking for a committed partner in your dog's well-being that treats your dog like our own, Wagsly's got your back. Cheers to happy, healthy pups!

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